Thank you for helping us unlock the $15,000 challenge grant awarded to us by the Carl and Marie Jo Anderson Foundation!

We are so grateful for our dedicated volunteers and generous supporters. On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, thank you for sharing your resources and improving the lives of children in your community! 

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Without you and your support, there would be no CASA Partners 4NMKIDS and we offer our sincere gratitude for whatever you can give today or on a monthly basis.


The impacts of giving are heroic, fostering opportunities for healthy, safe engagement for our CASA children. Your gift provides the children we serve with opportunities to thrive, providing life-long skills, self-esteem, and resiliency!


for less than a cup of coffee you can make an impact!
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You can make a direct impact!

   $27      Provide a background check for one of our new                       CASA Volunteers
   $50      Fund opportunities that foster a relationship                           between a child & their CASA Volunteer

   $85      Educate a new CASA Volunteer with one day of                     training

$116.50   Give a Child A Voice-Provide a child with a                              CASA Volunteer for one month

  $250       Expand our reach in the communities we serve

  $699      Change a Child's Story-Provide a child with a                           CASA Volunteer for six months

Did you know that a child with a CASA volunteer is more likely to have better outcomes?

  • Children and youth assigned a CASA volunteer reported significantly higher levels of hope.

  • A child’s hope has been linked to numerous positive outcomes such as academic success, overall wellbeing, increases in self-control, positive social relationships and optimism.

  • Children with a CASA volunteer tend to perform better academically and behaviorally in school, are more likely to achieve permanency,  and are less likely to reenter the child welfare system.

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Donor Rights:

  • All gifts will be used for the purpose(s) for

       which they were solicited and given.

  • Donors will be appropriately acknowledged and recognized.

  • Information received during a gift transaction will be handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

Investing in the well being of vulnerable children in our community benefits us all!  We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of committed donors like you.  CASA Partners 4NMKIDS is committed to providing transparent, trustworthy, and impactful charitable giving opportunities by adhering to the following ethical standards: