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CASA Partners 4NMKIDS supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer

advocacy so every child in Sandoval and Valencia counties who has experienced

abuse or neglect can be safe, have a permanent home, and the opportunity to thrive. 

Celebrating 25 years of service to the Greater Albuquerque Area

Challenge Grant Update

In June, the Carl and Marie Jo Anderson Foundation pledged funding to support our agency in the amount of $15,000, if we could match it.  On July 1st we rolled out our “Be a Superhero” campaign and less than two and a half months later we are excited to announce that we have met this challenge dollar for dollar! 

We are so grateful for our dedicated volunteers and generous supporters. On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, thank you for sharing your resources and improving the lives of children in your community!

A child in foster care may have faced physical, psychological and/or emotional trauma only to endure long periods of uncertainty in the system as they wait to go home, be adopted, or simply wait to see what happens next.

On average, a child in foster care will move into multiple homes and attend multiple schools. All this chaos and inconsistency has long-term effects. Having a caring, consistent adult – someone who listens, checks in and puts the child’s best interests before all others- can make all the difference.


Our Impact

CASA volunteers help children thrive as they grow.

For many of the children we serve, their advocate will be the one constant in an otherwise chaotic life. A child with a CASA volunteer is more likely to have better outcomes.

Children with a CASA tended to perform better academically and behaviorally in school as measured by whether or not they passed all of their courses, whether or not they were expelled, and their conduct performance.

Children and youth assigned a CASA volunteer reported significantly higher levels of hope. A child’s hope has been linked to numerous positive outcomes such as academic success, overall wellbeing, increases in self-control, positive social relationships and optimism.

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How to report child abuse:

We do not have the authority to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect. However, if you believe a child is in immediate danger, please dial 911 and report it to the local authorities. Visit www.pulltogether.org

To report suspected child abuse or neglect:

call: #SAFE (#7233) from a cell phone

dial: 1-855-333-SAFE from a landline

text: 505-591-9444